These Designs are Retired or close to being Retired.

Thank you to all who purchased one! 

3setgood color.png
Katt is a mash up enamel pin of The demon from the roc bank KISS and Tom from Hanna Barbera Tom & Jerry
TV show Batman and Skeletor from Masters of theUniverse mashed up in a enamel pin
Night King Store LG.jpg
This enamel pin show eternal love with the sytle of Day of the Dead  Día de los Muertos
Herman Munster frm the hit tv show The Munsters enamel pin
Chingona is a strong woman in latin. This enamel pin shows off the power of women.
This enamel Pin is for Los Angeles. The city of Angeles. Homeboys and homegirls Old English
enamel pin of the Intergalactic Robot from the Beastie Boys music video
Bumble from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer as a enael pin. Abominable snowman
This enamel pin is for all the toys r us fans that will always be a Tyos R Us Kid
Enamel Pin of old school classic vintage halloween candy wax gun fangs. 70's 1970's
Darth Vader from Star Wars as a laten Day of the Dead Lucha Libre enamel pin



El Raton Loco Blue Store.jpg

El Ratón Loco

Blue Variant

Duffman Enamel Pin
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