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Coolectric Creations is an exciting collectibles company paying homage to retro and iconic pop-culture imagery. Based in Los Angeles, Coolectric Creations is founded on our fascination of classic cartoons, the 80's and Disney parks. As L.A. natives, we will be representing our hometown and all of its unique flavors in our products.

Coolectric Creations produces high quality, contemporary products with a nostalgic feel. Starting with a line of enamel pins, Coolectric Creations connects with fans that want to visibly celebrate their passion for favorite movies, TV shows, pop icons, their hometown & life style.

Coolectric Creations will expand into other areas of wearable collectibles, creating fun and exciting products that appeal to everyone, no matter what decade they were born in.

We make memories on metal... one pin at a time. 

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